Sabtu, 09 Juli 2011


Whatcha you doin' guys???
How are yaa...??

Okay.. After I posted about Lempok Durian that is so amazing food, now I'm going to post about the food that is absolutely making our tongue dancing,,haha
This food from Pontianak,, that is Kwetiau.

It is very easy to make,, and of course the taste very tasteful.
Yup!! Almost all of restaurants or cafes provide this food as their menu. It's practical and pleasant. Those are the appropriate words to this food.
Don't u feel curious?? n wonder how to make?? What are the ingredients??


Sambal Recipe Durian Tempoyak
tempoyak,,, do you ever heard that??? it's made from durian fruit
and the taste?? hmmm some people didn't like because the smell is so bad
but, you should try it


Haiii everybody !! See me again.. :))
How's the Lapis Susu cake?? Did u make it?? Did it work??
If it still doesn't work,, don't give up! You can try it again..and again..

Hmm.. This time I'm going to post that a bit different food,, It's quite difficult to make but stiiilll.. tasty !! :D
This is special from Pontianak. It is Lempok Durian. Maybe there are still many people that don't know about this one. If you haven't known it, let's see and try to make it..

Here is the processing lempok durian:


Umm.. When we hear this kind of food,, it brings us remember to Eid day (Lebaran).
Yeah.. This Lapis Susu from Pontianak.This cake is served when Eid day,, because it tastes very delicious and so sweet. Don't be surprised if many people like this cake..

Then.. Because Eid day will come soon, that's why I posted how to make this cake to you my lovely reader. Don't forget if you already make it, give me one cake because I help you with tell the recipe to you. Lol xx :D

Sooo.. I don't want to talk so much now, let's  see how to make this Lapis Susu.

Jumat, 08 Juli 2011


Hello guys.. Howdy??

Besides a wide assortment of cakes and Ice Tahu, menus breakfast, lunch or dinner for my friends or family is Mie Sago. The shape is similar to vermicelli but bigger. Sago noodles are usually sold in the market there is ready to be enjoyed and there is also the only pan-fried and gravy made themselves at home. This food is handmade and unique from Pontianak. Yesterday, with my spirit (though I was so shy. it's only remedy dramatization effect only) I spooned noodles into sago into my plate and pout the sauce afterwards. I cannot wait to direct my hands to scoop the noodles into my mouth and taste it.

Hmm.. how it feels rubbery-chewy. Combine with a delicious gravy noodles chewy  which was very tasty. In a

Senin, 04 Juli 2011


Who That are not familiar with hereditary traditional cake on this one? were the resource persons wajiks one of the many snack market is the which until now still popular in the culinary world of Indonesia. Great is not it? This cake has its own characteristics in the red by palm sugar.
Like what form?
Well here I have the picture of diamonds



What’s that serabi?
Have you ever heard this name or even you try it?
Yeahh actually serabi is an unique cake.
Pancake sometimes called srabi or surabi is one of the snacks or snacks that originated from Indonesia. Similar pancake but are made from rice flour (not white flour) and given a sweet liquid broth (usually from sugar palm ). This sauce varies according to regions in Indonesia. The area is famous for its cake are Jakarta, Bandung, Solo, Pekalongan and pontianak, each of which has its own uniqueness.
What it is looks like and how about the recipe?
Looks, this the recipe. You may try this recipe.!!! I also provide the step to make is complete right?
if you look this picture, what do you feel? I think you want to try it right?? It is very deliciousss and also yummmii guyss… just try…

     200 grams of wheat flour
     1 teaspoon baking powder
     300 cc coconut milk from ¼ coconut
     50 cc water suji or pandan leaves
     1 egg
     ¼ teaspoon salt
     Vegetable oil to spread

Sauce Ingredients:

     500 cc coconut milk from 1 coconut
     1 tablespoon granulated sugar
     1 teaspoon salt
     1 sheet of pandan leaf

     500 cc coconut milk from 1 coconut
     1 tablespoon granulated sugar
     1 teaspoon salt
     1 sheet of pandan leaf

Pan Serabi


     Mix the flour and baking powder. Sift, and then put into a single basin.
     Beat eggs and salt until foamy and then enter the coconut milk and water suji leaves, stir until smooth.
     Pour the egg mixture into the flour and baking powder mixture little by little, knead until smooth and fluffy.
     Leave for 1-2 hours.
     Heat a pancake griddle (small pan), basting with oil. Pour 3-4 tablespoons batter. Wait until the pancake surface pores appear, and then closed. Cook until done. Remove from skillet. Repeat this process until the dough runs out.
     Ready to serve with the sauce.

How to Make Sauce:

     Boil all ingredients, stirring so that milk is not broken, remove and let cool.

For the 15-20  pancake.